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Community Involvement

Gary Evans, HBC President/CEO

Gary Evans, Former President/CEO

A Personal Message From Gary Evans.

Dear Friends,

 It seems to me that each of us who inhabit this planet should have a mission to leave things better than we found them. At HBC, we live that mission in hundreds of ways and I’m appealing to all of our friends and neighbors to join us in making our communities better places to live and work.
It’s all about neighborliness, common courtesy and extending helping hands in ways that make life better for others. There are thousands of opportunities for volunteerism and I believe each of us who lends a hand as a volunteer feels better for the activity and the help it brings.
As I thought about this message and the quality of life in our communities, I couldn’t help but consider things those of us at HBC do to help out. Here’s just a partial list:
  • The HBC team delivers meals three days a week as part of the Winona Volunteer Services effort.
  • We store, put up and take down The City of Winona’s holiday decorations.
  • We have an enviable United Way standing, working hard to promote participation.
  • Contributions to support Wabasha Eagle Center, St. Charles Library, Winona County Historical Society, Winona State University, Miller Mentoring Program, American Red Cross, Winona Humane Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and hundreds of other community organizations.
  • Free coverage of events and HBC Channel 25 promotion of community events.

That list names just a few. We believe we are making a difference and we hope you are volunteering, too.

Gary Evans, Former President/CEO