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Rural Broadband Goes The Distance.

[083112][hbc-air][cmyk] Now homes and businesses outside the HBC standard service area can enjoy fast, reliable rural broadband Internet and Phone service with HBC Air! We’ll equip your home affordably and easily — and there’s no contract required.


Protect Your Investment With HBC Air Receiver Insurance

With HBC Air receiver insurance, you are able to protect your standard or premium dish purchase! For the low price of $4.95 per receiver, per month you receive 1 receiver replacement per year if it is damaged by an act of nature such as lightning strike, ice storms, extreme wind, etc. New and existing Air customers are eligible to sign up for this insurance program. Call (888) 474-9995 to speak to your local customer service representative today!

– Some restrictions may apply. Insurance is valid for 1 purchased standard or premium dish equipment and is not applicable for rented equipment.

Call (888) 474-9995 to schedule a site visit to check your specific location.
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