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Community WiFi Support

Wireless Network Connectivity on the go

HBC Community WiFi provides Internet network access from select locations across the HBC service area, making it easy to stream music, play games, download files, check email, and more from your favorite wireless and mobile Internet-ready devices.

HBC Community WiFi Access Locations:

  • Levee Park
  • Areas of Lake Winona

HBC Internet Subscribers:

Enjoy Community WiFi access as part of your HBC Internet subscription.

  1. Locate the HBC-Customer-WiFi network using your favorite mobile device.
  2. When prompted, enter your Customer Bill Pay username and password.

Visitors and Non-Subscribers:

Access Community WiFi with a temporary subscription to HBC’s Public network.

  1. Locate the HBC-Public-WiFi network using your favorite mobile device.
  2. Choose the length of time you wish to use the WiFi connection.
  3. Tap Pay By Credit Card, enter your payment method, and begin your session.

Access Time Period

1 Hour

1 Day

1 Week

1 Month (31 Days)






Download the Community WiFi Instructions

Wizards Technical Support is toll free in all communities: (877) 457-9669
Phone Hours: Call Us Anytime 24/7

– Service availability to your location is not guaranteed. Prices listed may not include applicable equipment, fees, taxes, or surcharges. Internet speed is not guaranteed as networking, wiring, and devices can impact performance. Some restrictions may apply. Rates effective 11/01/16.