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GOPbudget plan leaves MN’s behind/helps corporate special interests get ahead

Posted by HBC Newsdesk April 20, 2015

House DFL leaders say the Republican budget will leave behind behind kids, working families, and greater Minnesota in order to help corporate special interests get further ahead. “The Republicans have made a choice that tax breaks for corporations and special interests are more important than educating our kids or investing in Minnesota’s future,” said House […]

City of Winona takes first step towards approving 2014 budget

Posted by HBC Newsdesk December 13, 2013

The Winona city council has given its approval to a proposed city budget. Meeting on Monday night council members unanimously approved the $37 million proposed budget that had been recommended by City Manager Judy Bodway. Bodway said numbers wise the 2014 budget is nearly identical to the 2013 budget and the proposed budget also includes […]

Property taxes to decrease according to DFL

Posted by HBC Newsdesk July 29, 2013

Democratic lawmakers are touting a decrease in property taxes for 2014 due to legislation passed in the last legislative session. According to a DFL report, Minnesota homeowners will see a $109 million property tax decrease in 2014 according to recent reports from non-partisan House Research. In total, property taxes in 2014 are projected to decrease […]

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