Data Solutions

Hosting Services For Your Entire Business.

Microsoft® Office 365

Would you like Email, Calendar and Contact sharing features offered by Microsoft® Exchange, but don’t have the IT Staff to support it? Welcome to Microsoft® Office 365! Purchase this service through HBC and we will manage MS® Exchange for you. This cost effective solution does not require the purchase of any hardware and you never have to hassle with upgrades. Along with this great service, you also get anti-spam and anti-virus protection for your email. Basic accounts include a 25 GB Exchange® mailbox, Active Sync® for mobile devices, a SharePoint® intranet site, LyncTM 2010 instant messaging, and cloud based versions of Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Advanced offerings of this service include Active Directory integration, unlimited email storage and subscription to Microsoft® Office Professional for up to 5 desktops per user.

Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime on their online services with a cost much less than if you were to host them yourself locally.

Equipment Co-Location

Do you have mission critical equipment that needs stable environmental conditions and rock solid power, or stable fast access to your remote offices? Consider locating your equipment in the HBC Data Center using our Physical Co-Location Service. We provide redundant power, environmental controls to maintain an optimal equipment operating environment. Depending on your needs we can house a wide variety of equipment such as servers, routers, storage systems, and switches.

Does your current server lack redundancy? Do you dread hardware upgrades and wish concerns over managing your hardware could be a thing of the past? Ask us about our Virtual Co-Location Services. We can convert your existing healthy server into a Virtual Server or build you an entirely new Virtual Server ready for you to deploy your critical applications. With this service, your server will have complete hardware redundancy and you will no longer have to perform painful and costly hardware maintenance or upgrades yourself. Leave that to us!

Every customer is different, so we want to work personally with you to develop a strategy and pricing model that works for you. Call talk with us about your needs and environment and to start discussion of possibilities.

Website And Email Hosting

If your business needs an easy to manage cost effective website along with simple email services, we offer dedicated management domains with CPanel. You can have full control over your website, email accounts, and DNS. To help kick off your services, we will build a starter 1 page website, if desired, at no cost to help get things rolling for you. We offer two levels of service: Basic service at $9.95 per month and Advanced at $19.95 per month.  Most sites will fall under the Basic service. Advanced is required for such add-ons as SQL backends.

Domain Name Service

If you’re in business today, you’ll need a website to gain customers and build your brand. Many small businesses are reluctant to get online because the process of establishing a domain name seems complicated. HBC’s domain name service makes it easy to take those important first steps. We’ll work with you to select and secure a domain name that enhances your business identity, plus get it hosted and linked to your website and email server. HBC takes special pride in helping our business customers make the leap online and experience the advantages our leading technology provides. This service is included with any of our hosting packages.