Video Conferencing

Easy To Use Business Level Video Conferencing.


Welcome to HBC Video Summit – High-Definition video conferencing that links boardrooms, offices, desktops, laptops and mobile devices at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Growing your business means building relationships through connections. HBC’s Video Summit video conferencing service can help. Our powerful solution links you to your world, connecting you to customers, partners, vendors, and co-workers at the touch of a button. By saving the cost of time and travel, your business can operate more efficiently with immediate results.

Video Summit by HBC gives you the power to connect over a dozen sites in one conference, share documents and other media with each participant, and provide access from any device – desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones – with high quality, feature-rich video. It’s about building relationships through technology – that’s HBC.

We deliver cost-effective, easily expandable solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

  • NATURAL – HD conferencing that eliminates delays, distortion, and dropped calls.
  • UNIVERSAL – Link room systems, desktops, and mobile endpoints over the Internet.
  • SIMPLE – Conduct scheduled or last-minute meetings via a reliable, secure Internet portal.
  • AFFORDABLE – The only soluton that blends quality, price, and scalability.

5 Reasons To Choose HBC Video Summit:

  1. Telepresence quality over the Internet  Experience HD quality video and audio whether you’re in a boardroom or on a remote or wireless connection
  2. No new computers – VideoSummit software runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. A simple download is all that’s required to access full conferencing capability
  3. Purpose built rooms are not required – Transform any conference room into telepresence quality with just a camera, speakerphone and one or two screens
  4. Completely scalable and flexible – Start with just a few rooms, desktops, laptops, and/or mobile devices, and expand or reduce your capacity as needed
  5. Cloud distribution capability – Can be deployed as a public, private, or blended cloud for effortless, economical collaboration