Fax to Email

Fax without the Machine

Wishing you could receive faxes without actually having the fax machine? Don’t want to purchase expensive and complicated software? HBC’s Fax to Email allows you to receive faxes and view them right on your computer where ever you’re at. The online Fax to Email login makes things simple and convenient, so you’ll never miss a fax again! Plus, you can save faxes to your computer or forward them as a PDF to up to 20 email addresses. And you certainly won’t have to worry about refilling the paper anymore.

  • View a fax or save it to your computer
  • Manage your faxes
  • Forward a fax as email
  • Forward a fax to another Fax to Email user
  • View, manage, and add people to your contact list
  • Access the built-in help guide to make everything even easier

HBC Fax to Email

-Fax to Email is not capable of sending faxes as it is for inbound service only. Requires subscription to Call Management Portal.