Virtual Phone

Gain all the advantages of a traditional phone line, without one!

With HBC’s Virtual Phone service, you get a local business phone number with a listing in the phone book and advanced voicemail functionality, without the cost of a traditional phone line.

Virtual Phone provides easy access for message retrieval through the VM2-Go (Voicemail 2-Go) online portal. Setup is fast and easy and no special equipment is needed! With Basic Virtual Phone, incoming calls go directly to your customized voicemail box. With Premium Virtual Phone, you can choose to forward your calls to a traditional landline, mobile phone, or voicemail box, and get advanced features including voicemail to email, call forwarding, call screening, and more!

Service Level
and Included Features
VM2-Go Online
Portal Access
Local Phone Number
White Pages
Voicemail to
Premium Virtual Phone $9.95
Basic Virtual Phone $7.95


VM2-Go Online Portal Access
Access and manage your voicemail and calling features with this easy-to-use online portal. View incoming calls, listen to messages, create contact lists, setup forwarding and screening options, manage account settings, and more.

Voicemail to Email
Save time and stay connected by having your voicemails sent directly to your email account, or even multiple email accounts. Voicemail to email service eliminates the need to listen to an abundance of messages at once, provides convenient playback options, and allows for additional storage of your voicemail messages.

Voicemail takes your messages anytime you can’t answer the phone. The best part is you can access your messages from anywhere! HBC’s VM2-Go, a feature-rich system, allows you to access your messages via a telephone interface, voicemail to email, or online.

Call Forwarding
If you are away from your home, send your calls to wherever you are. Call Forwarding allows you to receive phone calls at any location. You can assign calls to immediately forward, forward from selected callers only, and/or forward to predetermined numbers.

Call Screening
Block unwanted and harassing calls by automatically rejecting numbers from a pre-assigned list you determine. Blocked callers receive an announcement stating that their call is not accepted by the called party. You can create calling lists for accepted incoming calls, rejected incoming call numbers, and reject anonymous calls.

– Prices listed may not include applicable equipment, fees, taxes, or surcharges. Rates effective 05/23/15.