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Customer Announcements

Channel Changes Effective 1/1/18

Every three years, broadcast channels renegotiate their agreements to provide their television content to video service providers. HBC was negotiating with several networks who presented us with exorbitant rate increases, some of them being over a 100% increase. We understand the cost to provide quality programming increases, but we at HBC find this amount of increase is unfair to HBC subscribers. HBC never enters contract negotiations with the expectation of dropping a channel, but in these cases where the increases are so dramatic, we need to stand firm and protect our subscribers from unsubstantiated increases. Because of the networks unwillingness to negotiate a fair rate, effective January 1, 2018, the following networks will no longer be carried in your community.

WEAU will no longer be carried in any HBC communities. WEAU includes the following channels: NBC – Eau Claire, Movies!, Antenna TV, and Heroes and Icons. NBC programming will continue to be available on KTTC and online with HBC TV2-Go.

WXOW will no longer be carried in the following communities: Dover and Eyota. WXOW includes the following channel: ABC – La Crosse. ABC programming will continue to be available on KAAL and online with HBC TV2-Go.

WLAX will no longer be carried in the following communities: Wabasha, Plainview, Elgin, and Kellogg. WLAX includes the following channel: FOX – La Crosse. FOX programming will continue to be available on KSMP and online with HBC TV2-Go.

While negotiations with additional stations are still in progress, know we are on your side and will continue to advocate for you and controlling programming costs. Visit hbci.com/resources to view or download your community’s most up-to-date channel lineup.

– Not all channels are available in all communities. Subscription to linear channel is required to access HBC TV2-Go content. New HBC TV2-Go accounts may take up to 12 hours to authenticate.

HBC has new Saturday hours in Winona coming soon

Effective January 13, 2018, the HBC corporate office located at 58 Johnson Street in Winona, MN will no longer be open on Saturdays. Instead, the HBC Wizards building located at 67 Main Street in Winona will be open for business hours on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. Staff there will be ready to assist HBC customers when they come in.
HBC Saturday services for customers at 67 Main St. will still include:
  • Bill Pay
  • Equipment Exchange, Return, and Pickup
  • Technical Questions
  • & more