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Standard Elevate VOD FAQs:

What is Elevate VOD?
Elevate VOD is a vast library of both free and rentable Video-On-Demand programming selections and an easy way to search through it all. See the On Demand section of the Elevate User Guide or click here to view video tutorials.

Do I need to contact HBC to enable the service?
No; VOD is automatically enabled for all HBC Elevate Video customers.

How do I access the service?
Press the B or VOD button on your remote control to bring up the VOD library. Once you find a movie or TV show you want to watch, you can view a trailer of the movie (if available), rent a movie in either SD or HD (if available), or watch a TV show.

Does it cost anything to view what movies are available?
No; you can browse the VOD selections for free. You are only charged if you rent a movie in which case a confirmation screen will appear to confirm your rental. HBC’s Elevate VOD service includes a large selection of FREE TV shows. The free content is based on your Video service level subscription and content available from the provider.

How do I know if I will be charged to rent a movie?
The price of the movie rental appears in the upper right-hand corner of each individual movie poster art. The price will also appear after pressing OK with a selection in focus, and an additional confirmation screen will appear when you rent the movie.

Will I be billed if I rent a movie with a fee?
Yes; the rental will appear on your monthly bill with the movie title.

How often is new content added?
New movies and content are added to the system daily. Likewise, movies and content will also be deleted daily.

Are any of the movies in HD (high-definition)?

Yes; movies available in HD format will have a red label with an “HD” in the upper left-hand corner of the movie poster art. Occasionally, the red label may not be present. To confirm if a movie is available in HD, press OK with a selection in focus. If the screen displays “Rental HD” on the movie rental button, then it is available to rent in HD.

Do any of the movies have closed captioning?
Yes; some movies and TV shows contain closed captioning. To enable, press the MENU button on your remote, navigate to and select the Settings category. Scroll to and select Closed Captioning and then select ON in the Captioning On/Off card.

When I rent a movie, how long do I have to watch it?
You have 24 hours to watch your rental and can watch the rented movie as many times as you would like within the allowed period. To see which movies are still available to watch, press the B or VOD button on your remote to access the VOD library and select My Account and then My Rentals.

Can I stop a movie and watch it later?
Yes; you may resume or restart your movie within the allowed period.

Can I pause/rewind/fast forward a VOD movie?
Yes; simply use the PLAYBACK buttons on your remote to control your VOD movie.

Can I purchase the boxing/wrestling event coming up this weekend?
No; Pay-Per-View service is not available through Elevate VOD for live events at this time. For more information, contact your local HBC office.

Can I disable VOD service?
Yes; please call your local Customer Care Representative at (888) 474-9995 or stop into your local office and ask for VOD service to be disabled.

Can a PIN for VOD be enabled to lock purchases?
Yes; the HBC installation technician will set up a PIN for VOD purchasing at time of install. You can also change your PIN later. For more instructions, see the On Demand section in the Elevate User Guide and go to PIN Entry or click here to view video tutorials. If you have forgotten your PIN or need further help in regards to your PIN, then please contact Wizards Technical Support at (877) 457-9669.

Can I enable Parental Controls to block content by rating?
Yes; to enable Parental Controls press the B or VOD button on your remote to access the VOD library. Navigate to My Account and under the Parental Controls section, select Lock by Rating. Once you have entered your PIN number, a screen will appear where you select the Movie/TV rating you wish to lock. For more information on VOD Parental Controls, please see the On Demand section of the Elevate User Guide and go to Parental Controls or click here to view video tutorials.

Click here to view Elevate video tutorials and more instructions

For additional help or support contact Wizards Technical Support at (877) 457-9669.

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