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HBC E911 Service Policy

As a new customer, you can expect to enjoy the many benefits of Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. (HBC) telephone service. Among these services is HBC’s reliable and easy to use E911 service, which operates much like those provided by traditional telephone companies. HBC hopes that the need never arises; but in the event that you ever need to access emergency services such as fire, police or ambulance, you can do so from your telephone by dialing 911. When you dial 911, your call will be routed directly to the nearest public safety operator, who will dispatch the appropriate emergency service. To help emergency services quickly find you, your telephone number and address will be electronically routed to the operator.

HBC’s E911 service will not operate if HBC service has been suspended for any reason.
You will not be able to use HBC’s E911 service if your HBC telephone service has been suspended for any reason including, for example, non-payment. HBC’s E911 service may not operate if your HBC broadband connection is disrupted.

HBC E911 service may not operate during a power outage.
Your HBC telephone network is supported by a backup system that provides emergency power in the event of a power outage. This backup system is designed to ensure the full-time availability of E911 services, but if power is unavailable you still may not be able to make 911 calls.

HBC Provided Telephone Equipment:
To ensure that 911 calls are properly routed do not move or relocate the HBC provided customer premises equipment installed by an HBC technician, whether within or outside of your home. If you use HBC’s services from an address that is different from the address where the HBC equipment is installed, HBC’s E911 service will not function properly. E911 service also will not function properly if the HBC provided customer premises equipment becomes disabled or damaged. In the event that the HBC provided customer premises equipment becomes disabled or damaged or you are moving and need to change your service address, you must contact HBC at (888) 474-9995 or stop in and see us at any of our local retail offices. Do not remove or move the HBC installed customer premises equipment; HBC has trained technicians for this purpose.

You must maintain alternative means of contacting E911 services in the event of any of the above occurrences. You should inform all users or potential users of your telephone about the E911 service limitations.

Third Party Applications And Services:
Certain third party applications, such as Magic Jack or Vonage that use an Internet connection may under certain circumstances, such as (1) if our network or facilities are not operating or (2) if normal electrical power to the cable modem is interrupted would prohibit the use of 911 services. You also understand and acknowledge that the performance of a battery backup is not guaranteed. If the battery backup does not provide power, the cable modem will not function until normal power is restored.

For that reason, HBC is not responsible for compatibility of third party application products.

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