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Email Settings for Email Clients

Here are the settings you will need for any email client.

Incoming Server: email.hbci.com
SSL: Enabled
note: If SSL doesn’t work try SSL/TLS
Possible Ports: 993, 995, or 143
note: Ports 993 and 143 are IMAP and Port 995 is POP

Outgoing Server: email.hbci.com
TLS: Enabled
note: If TLS doesn’t work try STARTTLS or SSL/TLS
Port: 587

Information specific to your regional email address:

Email Address: user@hbci.com
Email Username: user@hbci.com
Email Password: emailpassword

Email Address: user@hbcsc.net
Email Username: user@hbcsc.net
Email Password: emailpassword

Email Address: user@wabasha.net
Email Username: user@wabasha.net
Email Password: emailpassword

For additional help, please contact Wizards Technical Support at (877) 457-9669.

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