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Webmail Instructions:

Access, manage, and view your emails, contacts, calendar, and more with an HBC webmail account. The easy-to-use interface and abundant options provide any user with everything they need from a webmail account. Plus, gain peace of mind by protecting your personal information from phishing attempts and your computers and network from harmful viruses with a free EdgeWaveTM spam filter.

Login Through The HBC Website

  1. Visit (Fig. 1)
  2. Enter your HBC webmail Username (your email address) and Password and click Login. (Fig. 1)

-If you need assistance with your Username and/or Password, please call Wizards Technical Support at (877) 457-9669.

Fig. 1

Webmail Dashboard

Left Navigation Bar

Displays Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Junk, Trash, and additional folders. (Fig. 2)

List Options
Click to configure how your emails are displayed in a folder. Assign criteria for List columns, Sorting column, and Sorting order.
(Fig. 2)

Displays a list of email messages by subject in a selected folder. (Fig. 2)

Click to sort emails by a List or Threads. (Fig. 2)

Click the Select drop-down menu to display emails with the following options: All, Current page, Unread, Flagged, Invert, or None. Click the Threads drop-down menu to display threads of emails with the following options: Expand All, Expand Unread, or Collapse All. (Fig. 2)

Displays text of an email message or thread of messages. (Fig. 2)

Page Navigation
Click to navigate through pages of emails with the following options: Show first page, Show previous page, Show next page, and/or Show last page. (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2

Click to refresh the contents of your email inbox. (Fig. 3)

Click to compose a new email message. Enter the recipient’s email address(es) in the To line, enter a subject in the Subject line, type contents of email in white text box area. If you would like to Add CC, Add BCC, Add Reply-To, or Add Followup-To recipients, click respective plus sign symbols. If you would like to attach a file, click the Attach icon or Attach a file button. When you are ready to send your email message, click Send to send your email message. (Fig. 3)

Click to reply to the sender of a selected email. (Fig. 3)

Reply All
Click to reply to all recipients of a selected email. (Fig. 3)

Click to forward a selected email to one or multiple recipients. (Fig. 3)

Click to forward a selected email or group of selected emails. (Fig. 3)

Click to mark a selected email message As Read, As Unread, As Flagged, or As Unflagged. (Fig. 3)

Click to select the following options for a specific email message: Print this message, Download (.eml), Edit as new, Show source, or Open in a new window. (Fig. 3)

Click to quickly mark a read email message as unread. (Fig. 4)

Displays sender of email message. (Fig. 4)

Displays date of when email message was sent from the sender. (Fig. 4)

Displays the size of an email message. (Fig. 4)

Click to quickly mark an email message as flagged. (Fig. 4)

Displays if email has an attachment. (Fig. 4)

Click to display the email dashboard. (Fig. 5)

Address Book
Click to Import, Export, Compose, and do an Advanced search for contacts. You can also manage Groups and Contacts. (Fig. 5)

Click to display calendar and view by Day, Week, or Month. You can also Create Event or Export an event. (Fig. 5)

Click to manage Settings and Section preferences. (Fig. 5)

Click to logout of your email account. (Fig. 5)

Click to display additional options for About, Get support, and Logout. (Fig. 5)

Click to filter email messages by All, Unread, Flagged, Unanswered, Deleted, Not deleted, Priority: Highest, Priority: High, Priority: Normal, Priority: Low, Priority: Lowest. (Fig. 5)

Click to expand search criteria for messages including: Subject, From, To, CC, BCC, Body, and/or Entire message. (Fig. 5)

Add To Address Book
Click to quickly add the sender of a message to your address book. (Fig. 6)

Folder Actions
Click to Compact, Empty, or Manage folders. (Fig. 6) To add a new folder, click Folder actions, click Manage folders, then click the plus sign symbol to Create new folder. Complete additional folder Properties by naming your folder in the Folder name line, selecting the Parent folder from the drop down menu, selecting the List view mode, and either Save to save changes, or Cancel to cancel and exit from screen. (Fig. 7)

Displays percentage of mailbox used. Hover over to view amount used out of total space available. (Fig. 6)

For additional help or support contact Wizards Technical Support at (877) 457-9669.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Fig. 7

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