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WiFi Hotspots Guidelines

How much bandwidth and devices are each customer allotted?

HBC Internet Customer:

Each HBC Internet customer is allotted 5 Mbps upload and download for up to three devices per HBC account.

Visitor or Non-HBC Customer:

Each visitor or non-HBC customer is allotted 5 Mbps upload and download for one single device.

What can you do with a 5 Mbps Internet connection?

With a 5 Mbps Internet connection, you can check your email, use social media, and stream music. However, a 5 Mbps connection often is not enough for video streaming or video conferencing. The distance, peak time, as well as barriers within the home, trailer, or structure may hinder that connection due to WiFi frequencies passing through the material. Stay away from heavy metal objects and dense walls to try and improve your connection.

What devices are you trying to connect?

Consider the “why” regarding this network. Ask yourself what is (or what are) the most important application(s) for this network. HBC WiFi Hotspots has a popup that game consoles and other devices may not be capable of seeing.

How far are the HBC WiFi Hotspots from your desired coverage area(s)?

You may be close or far from an access point. Depending on the distance, this may impair your ability to receive the maximum amount of bandwidth.

Can I broadcast or bridge my connection that HBC is giving me?

Misuse or abuse of Internet access may result in suspension of Internet services. HBC has the right to revoke any subscription if a violation of these terms and conditions occurs. Broadcasting or bridging can and will disrupt the network for all users as the network is not designed to repeat traffic on consumer devices. For more information, view our Acceptable Use Policy and Customer Agreement.

Can I share my HBC login credentials?

This action is not allowed by customers to share HBC login credentials. This would be classified as abuse of Internet access which may result in suspension of Internet service.

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