GigaHome WiFi

Experience Enhanced WiFi

Looking to stream, play games, download, listen to music, check email, surf the web, and more from your personal computer or internet-ready streaming devices and video game consoles within your home? Now you can – wirelessly and at gigabit speeds with HBC’s GigaHome WiFi! We’ve got the most reliable network and the highest capacity in the area.

Want to extend your WiFi to places you thought it could never possibly reach? You can do that too with Mesh WiFi! Blanket your home in WiFi and boost your service everywhere inside and even around it outside! With the addition of Mesh Units to your GigaHome Gateway, now you can experience whole-home coverage and the same gigabit Internet speeds and reliability in every corner of your home – and beyond.

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– Gigabit speed is subject to availability; 1 Gigabit=1000 Megabits. GigaHome Gateway required for Internet service. GigaHome Gateway required for Mesh Unit.