HBC Students

Better Service, Brighter Future!

Homework is already hard enough. You don’t want to worry about your Internet too. HBC will make sure you have the fast and reliable connection you need, and local support you can call anytime. We’ve got the speed and capacity to handle all the gaming and streaming devices in your house. Now, as long as you do the dishes, all your roommates will be happy! We offer special promotions for current and new customers that include free and discounted services. Call today to find out why HBC is your broadband leader!

✔ Unlimited Data Usage
✔ Speeds up to 1 Gig
✔ Perfect for Streaming
✔ 24/7 Local Tech Support
✔ No Contracts
✔ Convenient Installation
✔ Consistent & Reliable
✔ Local Service
✔ More Capacity for More Devices
✔ No Hidden Fees

Call your local Customer Care Representative today at (888) 474-9995 and they will work with you to find the maximum value at the best price available!