HBC Wizards

Technology Demystified

HBC Wizards offer 24/7 live support and technology solutions, so they’re always ready to help you on the phone, at the office, or in your business. When you have problems, big or small, the Wizards are there to solve them — and they do the job right the first time.

Cloud Services

Security, Portability & Productivity

The Wizards can help you do more with ease. HBC Cloud keeps your data backed up while giving you peace of mind, so your focus can be on your work.

Cloud Backup

HBC offers a redundant backup solution with HBC Cloud Backup and HBC Enterprise Backup to give you peace of mind, knowing your data is there. HBC Cloud synchronizes your data to HBC’s cloud servers, and HBC Enterprise does a daily secondary backup of your data. If you lose data on your computer, you can go back up to 14 days with HBC Enterprise to recover your files from a point before they were corrupted, infected, or lost.


Wizards Protect Your Technology

Dashboard is your first line of defense against viruses and security threats as a result of outdated anti-virus software and unpatched systems. We also ensure that your critical files and folders are continually being backed up and protected in the event of a user error, PC failure, or natural disaster. Our #1 goal is to keep your PCs safe — all at an affordable price.

Dashboard Features

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Email services
  • On and off-site support

Home Surveillance

Simple, Reliable & Scalable

Surveillance and monitoring are important to all aspects of your home and business for safety, management, and liability. Enhance monitoring and protect your home and business anytime, from anywhere. Gain control and peace of mind by allowing remote monitoring via smart phone, computer, or tablet. Get simple, reliable, and scalable solutions with HBC Surveillance services.

Say Goodbye to Analog Systems

HBC’s high-resolution and fully digital surveillance systems are supported by PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) switches, servers with surveillance hard drives, and network attached high-definition IP cameras.

Go Digital

HBC’s fully digital IP surveillance systems provide images that are high-definition quality. Standard analog systems are only capable of providing standard-definition quality images.

Unlimited Access

Get unlimited access to your monitoring system from anywhere in the world via computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Camera Options

Choose from indoor and outdoor cameras with fixed, pan, tilt, or zoom lens including heaters and fans to stay clear in the extreme Midwest weather.

Cloud Storage

NVR (Network Video Recorder) cloud storage is available with 7 days of storage.