DVR (Digital-Video-Recorder and Whole-Home)

With DVR, it’s your Life on your Schedule

When you add DVR (Digital-Video-Recorder) to your HBC Video service, you’re able to record any program with the touch of a button and watch it whenever you want. A DVR (Digital-Video-Recorder) is a set-top box with a built-in hard drive for recording your favorite television shows and movies. It provides a much crisper picture and clearer sound than a VCR and allows you to record HD (High-Definition) shows, which you can’t do on a VCR. HBC’s DVR service also allows you to easily schedule future recordings and record multiple shows at the same time.

Watch your favorites when it’s convenient for you — not according to the networks’ schedules. HBC DVR puts you in control of your viewing preferences so you can watch TV your way, including rewinding and fast-forwarding live TV!

Elevate Whole-Home DVR

Elevate your Whole-Home DVR experience with 6 simultaneous recordings, 1 terabyte of storage for up to 350 hours of recorded TV with expansion options, wireless set-top boxes, 3 hours of rewind capability across up to 5 channels at once, and DVR on up to 4 devices from your mobile device or tablet!

LuminetSM Whole-Home DVR

With HBC’s Whole-Home DVR, you can record from the TV in one room, and watch in any room you have an HBC set-top box. Watch whenever — and wherever — you choose! Start watching a recorded program in one room, then pause it and continue watching it in another room later. You can also schedule and manage your recordings from any set-top box in your home.

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View DVR and WHDVR Support

-Elevate is currently available in Standard communities. HBC Internet service is required.