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HBO® Premium Pack$19.95/mo
Cinemax® Premium Pack$16.95/mo
Showtime® Premium Pack$16.95/mo
STARZ® + STARZ ENCORE℠ Premium Pack$16.95/mo
2 Premium Packs $32.90/mo
3 Premium Packs $44.99/mo
All Premium Packs $59.99/mo

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HBO Premium Pack

HBO® (East & West) – HBO® offers something for everyone—addictive series, new movies, hilarious comedies, thought-provoking documentaries, family favorites and more.

HBO2®  A channel for ultimate fans of HBO® original programming, featuring binge-worthy marathons of HBO® original series in addition to top theatrical movies. 

HBO® Signature – Signature is home to a mix of both current and classic broad appeal theatricals, HBO® Original Films, documentaries and timeless iconic series such as Band of Brothers and The Wire.

HBO® Family  A place for targeted programming for the whole family, with educational and entertaining children’s series in the morning, documentaries and movies geared towards school-aged children in the afternoon, followed by top theatricals in the evening that are perfect for content-sensitive viewers, free of R and TVMA-rated programs. 

HBO® Comedy  The home for all things comedy, featuring award winning HBO® original series past and present, specials headlined by top and emerging comic talent, and box-office comedy hits.

HBO® Zone  Zone is home to edgier fare across genres, geared towards the young adult audience.

HBO® Latino  Latino is a home for high quality Spanish-language original series, films, live boxing, concerts, and documentaries celebrating the passion and diversity of the Latin experience

Cinemax Premium Pack

Cinemax® (East & West) – Cinemax® offers the best Hollywood hits, action-packed original services and behind-the-scenes interviews.

MoreMAX  Binge-worthy marathons of MAX original series in addition to top theatrical movies

ActionMAX  High-octane, action-themed theatricals every evening, geared towards the male audience

ThrillerMAX  Suspense and thrillers every night

5StarMAX  Hollywood hits featuring all-star casts every night

MovieMAX  All movies all the time, highlighting award-winning feature films and indie gems

OuterMAX  Edgier fare across genres, targeted towards the young adult audience 

Cinemáx  All that Cinemax® has to offer across genres, featured en español

 *Adult programming airs on all channels with the exception of 5StarMAX and MovieMAX

Showtime Premium Pack

Showtime® (East & West) – SHOWTIME is commercial-free premium entertainment featuring critically acclaimed Original Series, including the Emmy® winning HOMELAND and Golden Globe® honored THE AFFAIR – plus RAY DONOVAN, MASTERS OF SEX, HOUSE OF LIES, SHAMELESS, EPISODES, PENNY DREADFUL, and the thrilling, new hit drama BILLIONS. SHOWTIME is uncut Hollywood Hit Movies, including THE IMITATION GAME, THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY, and CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA. SHOWTIME offers groundbreaking Documentaries with titles like MICHAEL JACKSON’S JOURNEY FROM MOTOWN TO OFF THE WALL, IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE, and MERU. SHOWTIME Sports brings you action-packed excitement all year round with SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING, plus INSIDE THE NFL, and 60 MINUTES SPORTS. Add hilarious comedy specials and series and you’ve got the total premium entertainment package. Breaking boundaries, breaking rules, and breaking through – this is SHOWTIME.

SHO 2® – SHO 2® HD is the best place to catch the best of SHOWTIME. SHO 2 HD features everything from Hollywood Hits to marathons of the most talked about SHOWTIME Original Series, like Emmy® winning HOMELAND and the critically acclaimed dramas RAY DONOVAN, MASTERS OF SEX, and THE AFFAIR. Plus, enjoy replays of groundbreaking documentaries, hilarious comedy specials, and much more. If you missed it on SHOWTIME, you’ll find it on SHO 2 HD in jaw-dropping High Definition and crisp Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

Showtime® Showcase – With an extensive array of select acclaimed films, groundbreaking documentaries, and hilarious comedy specials, SHOWTIME® SHOWCASE HD brings big thrills to your home screen in jaw-dropping High Definition and crisp Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

SHO Extreme® – SHOWTIME EXTREME® HD has all the action-packed excitement of SHOWTIME Sports in jaw-dropping High Definition and crisp Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. With adrenaline-pumping movies, field-tested analysis from James Brown, Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth on INSIDE THE NFL, and hard-hitting SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING — it doesn’t get any more thrilling than this. SHOWTIME EXTREME HD is your destination for edge-of-your-seat entertainment that just won’t quit.

SHO Beyond® -If you crave movies that push the boundaries of your imagination — and then keep going — SHO BEYOND® HD is for you. This is where you’ll find the best mind-bending sci-fi, out of this world fantasy, and bloody good horror films all hours of the day… and night — in jaw-dropping High Definition and crisp Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

SHO Next® – With revolutionary films, documentaries, music events, and comedy specials for the next generation of film connoisseurs, SHO NEXT® HD serves up the unexpected, the extraordinary, and the best of what’s “next” — all in jaw-dropping High Definition and crisp Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

SHO Family® – We know spending time together is important and that’s why SHOWTIME FAMILY ZONE® features outstanding wholesome films and specials that your entire entertainment-loving family can enjoy — together. Everything from kid-approved animated adventures to family-friendly dramas — and absolutely no R-rated programming whatsoever.

SHO Women® – Celebrating women on film and behind the camera, SHO WOMEN® HD brings you the most unique, daring, and groundbreaking films, documentaries, and specials from today’s aspiring and established female talents — all in jaw-dropping High Definition and crisp Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

THE MOVIE CHANNELTM – Attention movie fans, your surf is over. If you’ve got a passion for movies and everything about them, THE MOVIE CHANNEL is your one-stop, commercial-free movie destination. From outrageous comedies and heart-stopping dramas to the most explosive action hits, THE MOVIE CHANNEL has ’em all. But the movies are only the beginning. THE MOVIE CHANNEL brings you the deepest behind-the-scenes dish and insider trivia to satisfy even the most seasoned movie enthusiast. THE MOVIE CHANNEL. Movies for movie lovers.

THE MOVIE CHANNELTM XTRA – THE MOVIE CHANNEL XTRA is your second chance to be blown away by THE MOVIE CHANNEL HD’s powerful 1080i High Definition and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. You provide the home, we’ll provide the theater.

FLIX® – First-rate feature films as they were meant to be seen — uncut and uninterrupted. FLIX® is a celebration of all things cinema, from knee-slapping comedy to face-slapping film noir, get ready to experience the history of Hollywood, one classic at a time. Action, adventure, and romance are just a flick away and you can watch them all — like never before.


STARZ® (East & West) – STARZ is the ultimate destination for obsessable TV, movies and more. Characters who pull you in and stories that stay with you. From bold Original Series to the best movies, whatever you love, STARZ ignites your passions.

STARZ® EDGE – For those who can’t get enough heartstoppable drama, action and adventure, STARZ Edge delivers. From bold Original Series that leave you hungry for more, to the best movies around, STARZ Edge is the nonstop source for the TV you crave.

STARZ® IN BLACK – Turn to STARZ In Black for premium entertainment from today’s most sought  after black actors and directors. With a variety of movie genres, plus Original Series, STARZ In Black has something for every fan.

STARZ® COMEDY – The laughter never stops on STARZ Comedy, with gutbustable Original Series and movies that keep you entertained all day long. Whatever kind of comedy you crave–from slapstick and screwball, to deadpan or satirical–STARZ Comedy brings the funny.

STARZ® CINEMA – STARZ Cinema has the stories that challenge, excite, rivet, provoke, and captivate you. From powerful dramas and art house films to hair-raisable thrillers, STARZ Cinema is entertainment that moves you.

STARZ® KIDS & FAMILY – STARZ Kids & Family is lovable, heartwarmable entertainment that brings the family together for hours. With animated classics and live-action adventures, there’s a little something for all ages to enjoy.

STARZ® HD – STARZ HD is obsessable TV the way it was meant to be seen. The unbelievable clarity lets you fall headfirst into the boldest Originals Series and best movies, igniting your passions on a whole new level.

STARZ ENCORE – When it comes to your favorite entertainment, too much is never enough. Featuring today’s hits, classic movies, and select past seasons of STARZ Original Series, STARZ ENCORE is the destination for those who love to watch again and again.

STARZ ENCORE ESPAÑOL – Nothing translates better than entertainment with universal appeal. STARZ ENCORE Español is the destination for Spanish-language entertainment. When you find movies that truly speak to you, you enjoy them time after time.

STARZ ENCORE ACTION – STARZ ENCORE Action lets you load up on favorites featuring big blasts and fist-pumpable excitement. It’s unforgettable action you’ll replay in your mind–even after you’ve stopped watching.

STARZ ENCORE CLASSIC – True classics pull you in every time you turn on the TV, and STARZ ENCORE Classic has the best of them. Indulge in the old favorites you’ll never stop loving, all in one place.

STARZ ENCORE WESTERNS – Step into the old west with movies and series you can’t stop watching. STARZ ENCORE Westerns puts you in the saddle for classic campfire stories, six-shooter showdowns and rough-and-tumble wrangling across the wild frontier.

STARZ ENCORE SUSPENSE – STARZ ENCORE Suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat. Featuring favorite nail-biters you can’t turn off–even when they seem to stop your heart–this is entertainment everyone’s dying to see.

STARZ ENCORE BLACK – Featuring characters and stories that keep you coming back for more, STARZ ENCORE Black is home to the best from favorite black actors and directors.

STARZ ENCORE FAMILY – No parental controls needed here. STARZ ENCORE Family has animated and live-action favorites suitable for all ages. With plenty of crazy characters and inspirational stories to go around, your family will love watching again and again.

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