Voicemail & VM2-Go (Voicemail 2-Go)

Setup, Access, and Manage your Voicemail & Voicemail 2-Go.

Never miss another important call. HBC Voicemail & VM2-Go takes your messages anytime you can’t answer the phone. The best part is you can access your messages from anywhere!

Voicemail allows you to access your messages from anywhere through an easy-to-use telephone interface. The feature-rich VM2-Go allows you to access your messages via a telephone interface, voicemail to email, or listen and manage online.

Upgrade your Voicemail subscription with Call Management Portal which includes: Call Forwarding, Find Me Follow Me, SimRing, and VM2-Go (Voicemail 2-Go).

Voicemail Telephone Interface Quick Start Guide:

1) Press *33 from your home/office phone where Voicemail is activated.
2) Enter your PIN number.
3) Follow the voice prompts to navigate the functions.

VM2-Go & Call Management Portal Online Interface Quick Start Guide:

1) Visit www.hbci.com/VM2-Go to access VM2-Go, your online voicemail management portal.
2) Login by entering your 10-digit phone number and online web password.*
3) Access and manage your voicemail and calling features online.

*Your online web password and telephone PIN number will be different. For security purposes, the online portal will prompt for your password to be changed every 180 days. If you have not accessed your online account in excess of 180 days, and need assistance with your password, please call Wizards Technical Support at (877) 457-9669

Download Voicemail & VM2-Go Instructions