New director working to grow local United Way

Posted by HBC Newsdesk October 27, 2014

The United Way of the Greater Winona Area is under new management. Since taking over the organization six months ago, Jeff Bartholomew said new best practices in place with the goal of growing the overall organization.

Bartholomew said he spent his first month on the job getting a handle on the issues and challenges facing the organization and formulate a plan to move forward. He said the United Way is currently in the middle of its annual campaign and is making educating people about the United Way and its mission a top priority. Bartholomew believes it is important for the United Way to be more transparent than it has been and doing a better job of educating the public.

The United Way currently funds 18 different agencies in Winona, Trempealeau and Buffalo Counties of Minnesota and Wisconsin. An additional 14 agencies will be funded through the United Way Venture Grant program. Venture grants support early childhood education organizations.

Bartholomew said he is working to put the focus of the United Way back on the agencies it serves. He said it is their programming that drives the fundraising engine.

During the current campaign, Bartholomew said he has seen an increase in employee participation and contributions from businesses.

To learn more about the current United Way campaign, you may visit

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