Goodson Tools and Supplies brings Drag Racers

Football and basketball games are common sports to attend, but drag races are not as common. Many people do not get the chance to hear what a drag race car sounds like, but that is where Goodson Tools and Supplies comes into play.

“When you bring the general public in who has never experienced the sensory over load of what a top fuel car can do. When I leave the starting line, I have no fat and I have no wrinkles because it’s on the starting line. This car in the first 60 feet will go 106 miles an hour,” said Terry McMillen, nationally ranked 8th in the Top Fuel class.

McMillen has been in the racing industry for the last 40 years and says each and every race is different and he gets excited to get into the car.

“For 3.5 seconds, four seconds, I’m all by myself in that car. It is the most quietest time you’ll ever want to hear. I mean no body is yelling at me, no body is screaming, it’s just beautiful. I wish I could do that every day for hours,” said McMillen.

Nitro Funny Car driver Dale Creasy Jr. feels the same way.

“When it is time to start, my hair stands up on my arms and it’s time to focus. Before that you joke around, and try to keep it light because you don’t want to get too intense,” said Creasy Jr.

While in the car and racing down the track, you can not think about what is going wrong and how to fix it because the race will already be over in that time span, both drivers stated, it is best to take a mental note and finish out the race.

As for the fans, they can be found either in the stands or right down by the racers getting the full experience of drills and engines all around, but once these cars really open up their engines, everyone will be found crying from the nitro.



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