Lake City Tigers finding themselves in New Section

Week 1 against Caledonia may not have looked great in the box score, but to the Lake City Tigers, they fought the hard battle and are finding themselves in the new section going up against Stewartville in Week 2.

Head coach Trevor Narum has been an elementary teacher for Lake City Schools for 18 years and took over the head football coach position 10 years ago. They have been in Section 1 – 3A for that whole time and just got bumped to Section 4 – 3A, so he was surprised because they will now be facing bigger schools and some from the cities.

“We knew Caledonia was going to be a challenge, we didn’t play as well as we wanted to play against Caledonia. At the same time, we played hard, did some things as the game went on, got better as the game went on. We were a little nervous, shakey at the start, we are a young team starting some new kids in some important position. I was proud of the way we battled as the game went on and this week we just need relax and execute more efficiently,” Narum said.

Senior Parker Schurhammer said they knew they were up for a challenge last week, but he thought as a team they played well and will carry that strength into games to come and stay focused.

Narum said it is important to remind the team to stay focused and play in the present and not to think about last week’s game or future games, but to keep their goals in mind.

“… just to get better every game is pretty much the goal for me and the team,” Schurhammer said.

“Our goal is to play as hard as we can and represent our town very well,” Narum said.


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