It’s All About the Offense

The Wabasha-Kellogg Falcons are 1-3 on the season going into Friday night’s game against Kingsland which is the start of an improvement from years past thanks to head coach Tim Klingbeil who is also the Athletic Director and the Dean of Students at Wabasha-Kellogg.

“We had about 30 years of consecutive losing seasons, we realized we could not be better so we had to do something different,” says Klingbeil.

And different he was by introducing a new offense that this athletes would be introduced to in middle school and continue to work on it and get better until they are seniors.

“We went for an unbalanced single wing. Exclusive offense of every team in the country and we ask our kids to run it down to the seventh grade. It is very hard to prepare for, it’s unique and different,” says Klingbeil.

Senior Trevor Timm says it is a huge advantage because they have meshed with each other since the seventh grade and are always together.

Klingbeil says if you like to watch football, they are a great team to watch even though they have been going up against some hard opponents the first couple of weeks.

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