Cotter Breaks Losing Streak, Marines Helped in Off-Season


After a 23 game losing streak which started in September of 2014, the Cotter Ramblers broke their streak game one of the 2017 season. Going into week 7, the Ramblers are 3-3 which makes this the first season that they have had three wins since 2012.

So why the change? Maybe it’s the coaching staff, new talent of players to work with, or just the determination that they have this year.

That determination may have came from special guests head coach Seth Haun brought in, the Marines.

“I brought them in just to take them through a different type of workout, different type of conditioning,” said Haun. “I think it made them better people and to think differently about themselves.”

The athletes learned a lot from them and still use what they learn to this day.

“We always try to win the battle of mental toughness and extra effort, ” said senior quarterback Josiah Sandcork. “We try to improve each week and be better than the week before… it is kind of the Marine mindset that they brought in and that’s what we try to play by every day.”

And improving week by week they have.

Coming off a huge win of 46-0 against Kinsland last Friday, the Ramblers are ready to take on a team that they have not played before: Southland.

Both Haun and Sandcork say they have watched a lot of film and came up with a game plan for the game and are not too worried.

The Ramblers are also getting ready for playoffs which is just a short week away after their final regular season game on Wednesday against Fillmore and understand once playoffs start, the team has to leave it all on the field.


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