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Does your non-profit organization have an event or message they would like to advertise in the community, free of charge? HBC’s PSA (Public Service Announcement) system allows you to submit that information for public broadcast on HBC’s TV 20 channels. The PSAs are stagnant “slides”/advertisements that air to HBC Video customers and you need not be an HBC customer to submit your information. This is a great way to inform, raise awareness and educate the community of your upcoming events and initiatives, for free. Please review the requirements and file specifications before submitting your information. The PSA system is updated on a weekly basis, however, if your announcement is not received a minimum of 2 weeks before an event, HBC does not guarantee the announcement will be posted. Please submit information at least 2 weeks in advance of event.

Download The PSA (Public Service Announcement) FAQs

To submit your PSA, click here and select Public Service Announcements (Community Calendar) from the drop down menu.

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