For Immediate Release (02/27/2018)

Winona, MN – Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. (HBC) has implemented new technology that is delivering high-speed broadband to remote areas at a fraction of the cost of wired solutions. A major factor prohibiting the expansion of high-speed broadband to small, rural communities is the cost of delivering true broadband speeds. HBC believes this new offering will speed up its approach to rural areas.

HBC recently partnered with the City of Pepin, Wisconsin to bring HBC AirMax, HBC’s new Micro-PoP wireless broadband service, to local residents and businesses. According to HBC Wireless Broadband Engineer, Joe Glende, AirMax utilizes small antennas which are mounted to city light poles to beam a broadband signal to a small receiving antenna, roughly the size of a cellphone, mounted on the roofs of homes and businesses.

“HBC already serves thousands of rural homes and businesses with a combination of technologies,” said Glende. “including fiber and point-to-multipoint wireless. Our new Micro-PoP service brings the connection closer to the customer which results in faster speeds and excellent reliability.”

HBC President Dan Pecarina said this technology is a game-changer to bringing HBC wireless broadband to areas where population density or terrain makes it too expensive to build a FTTP network.

“At HBC, our mission is to bring quality, high-speed broadband to underserved areas in our region. HBC AirMax is another tool we have when our all-fiber networks are not financially feasible for ourselves or for our customers. We believe a hybrid fiber-wireless network in rural areas can be a cost-effective solution.”

HBC now offers multiple levels of AirMax service starting with 30 Mbps with a current high-end speed of 100 Mbps. Glende also stated that HBC has started AirMax service in two new areas in Minnesota with a third area likely to be activated early this summer.


About HBC: Innovative broadband solutions with unparalleled customer service makes Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. (HBC) the preferred service provider in southeastern Minnesota. Based in Winona, MN, HBC builds advanced Fiber-To-The-Premises networks, offering 1 Gbps speeds, in addition to maintaining an extensive wireless broadband network which brings symmetrical broadband to under/unserved homes, businesses, and schools in rural areas.  HBC provides over 125 local jobs with employees supporting retail, wholesale, construction, business consulting, and technical support in nearly 30 communities.