For Immediate Release  (1/2/14)

Winona, MN HBC Studios, formerly known as Local Origination, has recently expanded its sports programming and is now open for business at their new location, 111 Riverfront Dr., W. Annex in Winona. Landon Evanson, former TV Advertising sales representative, has been appointed the new HBC Studios Sports Director.

“I am very much looking forward to building HBC’ s already stellar reputation for outstanding local sports coverage by making it more accessible to the viewers through the website and social media. The mindset is simple: Always be moving forward, which translates to a focus on continuous improvement.” – Landon Evanson

HBC_Landon-22Evanson graduated from Winona State University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, Broadcasting. Prior to joining HBC is 2012, he worked for the Winona Daily News as a Sports Reporter, acted as News Director and Public Affairs Director at KQAL Radio has written for the baseball website Bugs & Cranks for seven years, where he booked and interviewed Hall of Famers including Johnny Bench, Mike Schmidt, Ozzie Smith, Rollie Fingers and other prestigious sports figures. In his new assignment, Evanson will be responsible for HBC Sports promotion and coordination with area universities and high schools to develop new and continuing sports coverage.

HBC Studios provides a wide variety of services including:

HBC TV 25 – An exclusive local channel dedicated to providing regional televised local interest programming including parades, public interest news stories, celebrations, pageants and more.

HBC TV 25 Sports – With live and recorded coverage of regional high school and college football, basketball, volleyball and more, HBC is the premier local provider of high school and college sports coverage. These exclusive programs are available to HBC Video service subscribers at no additional cost and DVD copies of all recorded games are available for purchase online regardless of if you are an HBC customer.

TV Advertising – HBC Studios is your local source for online, TV and commercial advertising packages. They provide cost-effective rates and allow you to choose from a variety of TV networks, each with it’s own unique demographic of viewers.

Hiawatha Broadband Communications Inc. (HBC) is a southeastern Minnesota telecommunications service provider. The company delivers Video, Internet and Phone services to a customer base that numbers more than 12,000.  

HBC’s roots are in a non-profit project begun in 1993, called Luminet. Luminet connected Winona education, healthcare and government institutions to extend the reach of teaching and learning. In 1997, the success of Luminet led to the formation of Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. Today, HBC operates in 17 communities with 40 percent of its stock owned by non-profit entities.

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