HBC, Inc. continues to negotiate with local and distant ABC, NBC, CBS and/or FOX affiliates for the right to continue to carry their free over-the-air TV signal. We are willing to pay fair compensation for local and distant ABC, NBC, CBS and/or FOX affiliate’s over-the-air signal on our system. Unfortunately, they are demanding rates significantly above fair market rates, and we are standing firm to not pass on these higher rates to our customers. This means “free TV” isn’t really free at all, even though most of the content is viewable free online. Can you imagine if a gallon of milk went from about $3.50 to nearly $7.00? That’s the type of increase affiliates are looking for from us. Instead, our proposals to affiliates have been fair to them as well as fair to our customers. We appreciate your business and your ongoing loyalty. Thanks for your patience during this time.

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