At HBC, we know your broadband connection is your lifeline! HBC has been working tirelessly on network improvements to provide more bandwidth, more reliability, and increase the availability of broadband in our rural communities.

  • Network Improvements have included increasing bandwidth on the network allowing you to do more for at-home work and learning. Deployment of WiFi 6 enabled GigaHome Blast routers will improve WiFi coverage in your home.
  • Network Upgrades are underway that will soon bring Gigabit service to the community of St. Charles. Future upgrades are also planned this year to bring Gigabit service to Winona!
  • Expansion of Rural Broadband is happening across Winona county. With help from the CARES Act, HBC has made high-speed broadband available to nearly 270 additional homes. New tower locations make HBC Air wireless broadband available to more rural Winona county residents.

Access to reliable broadband service strengthens communities by allowing everyone to learn, work, and live better.