Work will begin as planned tonight to move a major HBC services conduit out of harms way to allow for the construction of a new office building in downtown Winona.

Fastenal plans to construct a new office structure near the newly refurbished Winona bridge. Buried beneath the surface of that location is a HBC fiber-optic conduit which carries service traffic for customers west and north of Winona. In an effort to prevent a catastrophic service interruption during the building’s construction, a team of fiber-optic splicers will be completing the painstaking work of moving service traffic to the new path.  In total, over 5oo fiber strands, each the diameter of a human hair, will be cut and then spliced over to the new conduit which crews buried last month. Work will be completed over the next 5 nights. Customers should expect a service interruption lasting no more than 30 minutes.